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Below is a standard 5-page set of plans.

The amount of pages will vary depending on the size of the project, but all plans contain these basic elements.  These plans are suitable for building permit, yet leave room for home owners to make basic color and material changes. We can draw plans with up to 30 pages that specify everything from door knobs to the color of paint on each wall, but in most cases the standard plan is best suited.

Click on the 2nd & 5th image to enlarge to a full size PDF file, and yes color is standard on the Mechanical page.

Floor Plan

Framing Notes
Brace Wall Detail & Notes
Rough Opening Ledger
Square footage Ledger

Elevation Plan

Front Elevation
Rear Elevation
Right Elevation
Left Elevation
General Notes
Wall Detail

Foundation Plan

Dimensioned Foundation
Footing Details
Foundation Notes

Roof Framing Plan

Truss Layout
Roof Framing Notes
Ventilation Requirements

Electrical & Mechanical Plan

Electrical Notes
Electrical Legend
Mechanical Notes
Plumbing Notes
Sewer Notes

As a standard feature all plans get a Interior Orbit video & Exterior Orbit video.

It just makes it simpler and easier for everyone to understand. 







For Subdivisions:

Subdivisions usually have more than 1 Elevation to their homes, Sierra Ridge had 2, Sierra Montana has 3.
With a second elevation 3 more pages are added to the plans, Page 6(elevation), Page 7(roof framing), and Page 8(3-car garage plan). Also larger homes may need more pages simply because making them at a readable scale may require it.

Plot Plans
Optional Elevations
Optional Roof Framing
Options for Floor Plans



Sales office fliers


Mini Floor Plans
(for cleint changes)


Mini Electrical Plans 

(for cleint lighting changes)

Extra Services:
Make extra copies
Work with truss company on Truss Calcs.
Submit for building permit.
Correcting "Red lines"

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